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How to Wear Jogger Pants: Athleisure Inspiration

We’re all for guys building a wardrobe full of classic, “never going out of style” pieces here at SG HQ, but sometimes a trend simply refused to be ignored. Case in point: the jogger pant.† A year ago, only a few fashion-forward brands offered the pant with an elasticized ankle (and for way too much […] Read More The post How to Wear Jogger Pants: Athleisure Inspiration appeared first on Style Girlfriend. ...

Lesons from the Best-Dressed List

As we start to research the seeding for SG Madness 2019, we’ve been digging through plenty of best-dressed lists from the past year. From†Vanity Fair†to GQ, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to recent style leaders. Think: heavy hitters from entertainment, business, fashion, and even royalty. And whether it’s Hollywood newcomers like Lakeith Stanfield, […] Read More The post Lesons from the Best-Dressed List appeared first on Style Girlfriend. ...

Guysí Wardrobe Essential: How to Wear Menís Dress Pants and Wool Trousers

If you were worried Iíd start this latest wardrobe essential guide†on how to wear men’s dress pants and wool trousers with a story about the time my mom took me shopping for my first training bra to continue the tradition of embarrassing girl stories I started with this chinos primer, donít worry, I won’t. Though […] Read More The post Guys’ Wardrobe Essential: How to Wear Men’s Dress Pants and Wool Trousers appeared first on Style Girlfriend. ...

3-Step Strategy for Never-Boring Neutral Home Decor

It’s Reboot Month here on Style Girlfriend. From your wardrobe to your attitude to your home, get ready to rethink and retool your way to a lifestyle upgrade for the new year. Guys, let’s talk about your home. For anyone who’s found themselves entranced by Mari Kondo’s new Netflix show, you probably have a few […] Read More The post 3-Step Strategy for Never-Boring Neutral Home Decor appeared first on Style Girlfriend. ...

Shopping Roundup: Easy Menís Style Upgrades

Guys. Guys! GUYS. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do a good job of letting you know when new and helpful stuff is happening around here, and this was almost one of those times. Just after the holidays, we worked super f*cking hard to pull together a comprehensive list of the off-duty essentials guys need […] Read More The post Shopping Roundup: Easy Men’s Style Upgrades appeared first on Style Girlfriend. ...

28 Style Tips for Guys

Happy Reboot Month! Today, Taylor talks style upgrade tips… My mom worked in the fashion industry through most of my childhood. Naturally, my style education started very young. I wore clusters of eclectic pins on the pocket of my (tiny) denim jacket because she did. I wore pink cowboy boots through most of preschool because […] Read More The post 28 Style Tips for Guys appeared first on Style Girlfriend. ...

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  • AquaSeal

    You can't get the job done and keep your boots pretty at the same time. It's just not possible to get through an entire workweek without picking up some sort of...(more)

    $8.00 More Details
  • US Armor Drying Shoe Dog SD-1

    US Armor Drying Shoe Dog SD-1
    Have you ever had to dry your boots, but somehow they end up losing their shape and become uncomfortable or sometimes unbearable? Or, do you have stinky sports ...(more)

    $9.00 More Details
  • Peet Boot Dryers

    Peet Boot Dryers
    Invented in 1968, PEET 95116 Thermal Convection Boot Dryer Racks are suitable for drying all types of footwear. The white dryer rack moves warmed air through ve...(more)

    $50.00 More Details
  • Scrusher

    When it gets muddy outside the Scrushers H1-PB Boot Scraper with Portable Base is going to become your wife's best friend. Just think--with a few swipes through...(more)

    $39.99 More Details
  • Scrusher

    Take off your shoes! "Wipe your feet!" And, of course, "who tracked all this mud in?!" When it comes to the home front, your boots or shoes might be considered ...(more)

    $59.99 More Details
  • Scrusher

    You're home from work and before you even make it into the house, the wife is yelling about the dirt on your boots. So you're digging around in the closet for t...(more)

    $26.90 More Details
  • Scrusher

    Has Pig-Pen come over one too many times and worn the brushes out on your Scrushers I4 Deluxe Boot Scraper? Everyone has a Pig-Pen type of person in their life....(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Scrusher

    A paycheck isn't the only thing you're bringing home after a hard day on the job but you're going to have to leave that mud and dirt on your boots at the door. ...(more)

    $14.99 More Details
  • Scrusher

    Even when you leave the workplace behind for the day, you're taking a lot of the job site with you. Usually, it's all stuck right to your boots. You pull them o...(more)

    $69.99 More Details
  • Wolverine Boots

    Wolverine Boots
    You've got the perfect pair of work boots. Since you bought them, you've worn them everyday. You sloshed through the puddles and trudged through the mud in y...(more)

    $5.00 More Details