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Melbourne jewellery robberies linked to gold GST fraud

Alejandro Mendieta Blanco, the diamond and gold dealer recently accused of selling stolen jewellery linked to a spate of Melbourne robberies, is reportedly also being investigated for the widely publicised gold tax scam....

More charges for alleged jewellery crime ring

Additional charges have been laid against the men arrested in relation to an alleged international crime syndicate targeting Sydney jewellery ‘dealers’....

Nationwide Jewellers reveals international keynote speaker

An international retail sales expert who previously worked with diamond brand Hearts on Fire has been announced as Nationwide Jewellers’ keynote speaker at its 2018 annual conference....

Les Georgettes commits to Australian jewellery market

A recent visit by its vice president and the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary indicates that French jewellery company Les Georgettes is committed to making an impact in the Australian and New Zealand markets....

Jewellers Association needs a Brexit

It’s time for the Australian jewellery industry to bring about its own Brexit. With the upcoming AGM scheduled for 15 November, I believe current Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) president Selwyn Brandt must leave (exit) the board if the industry is to become united and cohesive....

Breakthrough in Melbourne jewellery robberies

The Melbourne jewellery industry has again been thrust into the spotlight with news that three men have been arrested in relation to the receiving and selling of stolen jewellery believed to be linked to a string of armed robberies in the past year....

Search results for "Jewelry - Rings"

  • Rose Gold Cross Ring

    Rose Gold Cross Ring
    The Rose Gold Cross Ring gives big style in a small package. This stunning, gold finish ring has a cross pendant in the center and is made of metal. It is a sma...(more)

    $2.00 More Details
  • Gold Sideways Heart Anchor Ring

    Gold Sideways Heart Anchor Ring
    This heart anchor ring is a new way to incorporate the nautical look into your everyday style. A gold band forms a sideways anchor with a heart outline in the c...(more)

    $2.00 More Details
  • Gold-Tone Leaf Ring

    Gold-Tone Leaf Ring
    This gold-tone leaf ring is just dainty enough to wear everyday and it has an adjustable fit sutiable for all sizes! Gold-Tone Adjustable Material: Metal...(more)

    $2.50 More Details
  • Gold Bow-Tie Ring

    Gold Bow-Tie Ring
    This dainty gold bow-tie ring is perfect for everyday wear. It even adjusts to any size so you can wear it on any finger! Bow-tie design Gold tone finish Adjust...(more)

    $2.50 More Details
  • Rose Gold Bow-Tie Ring

    Rose Gold Bow-Tie Ring
    This dainty rose gold bow-tie ring is perfect for everyday wear. It even adjusts to any size so you can wear it on any finger! Bow-tie design Rose gold tone fin...(more)

    $2.50 More Details
  • Gold Heart Ring

    Gold Heart Ring
    This dainty gold heart ring is perfect for everyday wear. It even adjusts to any size so you can wear it on any finger! Heart design Gold tone finish Adjustable...(more)

    $2.50 More Details
  • Gold-Tone Compass Ring

    Gold-Tone Compass Ring
    Follow your inner compass with this gold-tone compass ring! It has an adjustable fit perfect for all sizes. Gold-Tone Adjustable Fit Material: Metal...(more)

    $2.50 More Details
  • Gold Tone Cross Ring

    Gold Tone Cross Ring
    Edgy and sweet, this gold tone cross ring is a beautiful addition to any accessory collection. Try this gold tone adjustable ring with a set gold cross. Gold to...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Silver Toned Bow Ring

    Silver Toned Bow Ring
    Put a bow on it! This Silver Toned Bow Ring features an adorable tied bow design and will make your ring collections top ten list when it comes to cute. Attache...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Ying Yang Ring

    Ying Yang Ring
    Fire and water; hot and cold. Opposites balance each other out with this Ying Yang Ring. The ring has a silver tone finish with black and white colors. Silver t...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Silver Toned Moon Ring

    Silver Toned Moon Ring
    Night time lovers will enjoy this moon ring. The silver toned band has a simple moon pendant attached. Silver toned...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Silver Heart Ring

    Silver Heart Ring
    When you believe in true love, you take your heart with you everywhere you go. The Silver Heart Ring puts your heart on full display for the world to see. This ...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Gold Circle E Initial Letter Ring

    Gold Circle E Initial Letter Ring
    Elizabeth, Elsa, Emily - this ring is for you. For all the E name girls out there, this is your next purchase. Gold toned ring has a simple engraved E for a spe...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • L Initial Letter Ring

    L Initial Letter Ring
    The letter L is for love. Let everyone know how much you love all things in the alphabet with the letter L by wearing the L initial Letter Ring. This ring featu...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • H Initial Letter Ring

    H Initial Letter Ring
    Whether you love how the letter H looks, sounds, or more plausibly, perhaps your name starts with H, like Heather or something like that, then you can't go wron...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
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