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DIY Entryway Makeover

Today, I’m sharing how to install beadboard paneling – we used it in our entry for a recent makeover, and the transformation is pretty incredible! This post is sponsored by Mohawk Finishing Products. When we moved into this house, I was so excited to have an actual entry space. In our old home, the door ... Read More about DIY Entryway Makeover The post DIY Entryway Makeover appeared first on Love & Renovations. ...

The KonMari Method Revisited

I tried the KonMari Method of organization in my home three years ago – it’s time to revisit it to see what’s working, what isn’t, and how I’d do things differently. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve probably heard of Marie Kondo and her life-changing method of organization. ... Read More about The KonMari Method Revisited The post The KonMari Method Revisited appeared first on Love & Renovations. ...

DIY File Cabinet Makeover

Looking for a prettier way to store your papers This DIY file cabinet makeover is a simple solution that looks gorgeous! Welcome back to the second round of The Thrift Shop Challenge! Every few months, a few of my blogging friends and I get together to share an affordable, accessible project from something we find ... Read More about DIY File Cabinet Makeover The post DIY File Cabinet Makeover appeared first on Love & Renovations. ...

DIY Bathroom Shelves

Need some extra storage solutions for your bathroom These simple DIY bathroom shelves are gorgeous, affordable, and should only take a couple of hours to hang! When we finished our dining room makeover last year, I didn’t anticipate that one of the most-asked-about projects would be the open shelves that we hung in place of ... Read More about DIY Bathroom Shelves The post DIY Bathroom Shelves appeared first on Love & Renovations. ...

Introducing: Ampersand Supply

We’ve been working on our new t-shirt shop for a while now, and Ampersand Supply is finally ready! You may or may not know this about me, but for the last couple of years I’ve quietly been running a small t-shirt shop (hosted on Amazon). It’s never been something I promoted very heavily or took ... Read More about Introducing: Ampersand Supply The post Introducing: Ampersand Supply appeared first on Love & Renovations. ...

12 Stunning Fireplace Makeovers

Looking for ideas for a fireplace makeover in your home These DIY fireplace renovations are sure to give you some ideas for where to get started! And even if you’re not planning one, you’re still sure to find tons of inspiration in these gorgeous projects!    I love a good fireplace makeover. In fact, I might ... Read More about 12 Stunning Fireplace Makeovers The post 12 Stunning Fireplace Makeovers appeared first on Love & Renovations. ...

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