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First cosmetic ingredients supplier to fulfil Nagoya Protocol on sustainability

Provital Group, a cosmetics ingredients player, has become the âfirst in the industryâ to achieve compliance with the requirements of the Nagoya Protocol for a specific R&D project....

New knowledge-sharing platform for human cosmetics testing

The application of rigorous animal testing alternatives remains a focus at formulation level in the beauty industry, and a new platform has been launched that gathers data on testing methods and offers an index of testing laboratories....

Amazon consumable report Q3: prestige products still fastest growers

A new report on consumables retail via Amazon suggests high-end beauty brands are now turning to e-retail marketplaces to sell their prestige or premium products....

Mintel reveals crucial consumer trends for Europe: Teenaiders

Market research provider Mintel has released its latest consumer trend predictions for Europe: we got an exclusive beauty-specific insight from the firm on the forecast trends for the region....

Airless systems packaging spotlight: preserving natural formulations

In a move that acknowledges the rising demand for packaging that helps conserve formulas with airless dispensing systems, Lumson, in collaboration with Tata Harper, has been awarded the Prix Formes de Luxe...

Survey finds rather than looking young, ‘skin care consumers want to feel healthy’

A new study suggests consumers believe diet is the most important factor in healthy skin, according to the company behind the research....

Search results for "Cosmetics - YonKa"

  • YonKa Barber Shave

    YonKa Barber Shave
    YonKa Barber Shave is effective in softening tough stubble while preparing skin for a smooth shave. Formulated for all skin types, Yonka Barber Shave is especia...(more)

    $31.00 More Details
  • YonKa Foam Scrub

    YonKa Foam Scrub
    Yonka Foam Scrub utilizes bamboo as a natural exfoliant to deeply penetrate and cleanse pores. Formulated with naturally scented botanicals, this scrub expels i...(more)

    $33.00 More Details
  • YonKa Nettoyant Creme

    YonKa Nettoyant Creme
    YonKa Nettoyant Creme Cleanser soothes redness and irritation while gently cleansing skin. Tough on removing heavy make-up, this cleanser will refresh and comfo...(more)

    $38.00 More Details
  • YonKa Gel Nettoyant

    YonKa Gel Nettoyant
    Yonka Gel Nettoyant Cleanser is a 2-in-1 foamy gel formulation that cleanses while removing eye makeup. This cleanser not only improves complexion, but also enh...(more)

    $39.00 More Details
  • YonKa Creme Teintee

    YonKa Creme Teintee
    YonKa Creme Teintee is a 2-in-1 formula designed to moisturize skin while producing a natural, sun-kissed glow. Natural pigments offer instant color while provi...(more)

    $39.00 More Details
  • YonKa Lait Nettoyant

    YonKa Lait Nettoyant
    YonKa Lait Nettoyant Cleanser gently cleanses the face eliminating dirt and make-up. Formulated for all skin types, the milky lotion will clear pores and leave ...(more)

    $39.00 More Details
  • YonKa Foam Gel

    YonKa Foam Gel
    Yonka Foam Gel gently eliminates impurities as well as excess oil to leave skin feeling refreshed and revived. This soothing gel softens, while preparing skin f...(more)

    $40.00 More Details
  • YonKa Lotion Yon-Ka PS

    YonKa Lotion Yon-Ka PS
    Yonka Lotion YK PS Dry Skin Toner rehydrates the skin while washing away dirt and oil buildup. Made with natural botanicals, this toner helps shrink enlarged po...(more)

    $41.00 More Details
  • YonKa Lotion Yon-Ka PNG

    YonKa Lotion Yon-Ka PNG
    YonKa Lotion YK PG Normal / Oily Skin Toner is an alcohol-free treatment designed to tone and stimulate the skin. It clears away excess dirt and oil, leaving th...(more)

    $41.00 More Details
  • YonKa Gommage 305

    YonKa Gommage 305
    YonKa Gommage 305 Exfoliater is a gentle 4-in-1 treatment used to exfoliate, tone, hydrate and brighten the complexion. Formulated for dry, sensitive skin, this...(more)

    $44.00 More Details
  • Yonka Gommage 303

    Yonka Gommage 303
    Yonka Gommage 303 Exfoliater is a gentle 4-in-1 treatment used to exfoliate, tone, hydrate and brighten the complexion. Formulated for normal to oily skin, this...(more)

    $44.00 More Details
  • YonKa Lait Corps

    YonKa Lait Corps
    YonKa Lait Corps is a soothing body moisturizer designed to optimize hydration levels of the skin. Sweet Almond oil seals in moisture and refreshes the body. Ov...(more)

    $44.00 More Details
  • YonKa Lait Apres Soleil

    YonKa Lait Apres Soleil
    YonKa Lait Apres Soleil provides comforting relief from the effects of over-exposure to the sun. This cooling formula will calm burning sensations, and restore ...(more)

    $46.00 More Details
  • YonKa Under Eye Gel

    YonKa Under Eye Gel
    Yonka Under Eye Gel alleviates tired, weary eyes and restores a well-rested appearance. This comforting gel helps fill in fine lines around the eye area while i...(more)

    $46.00 More Details
  • YonKa Masque 105

    YonKa Masque 105
    Yonka Masque 105 for Dry or Sensitive Skin is ideally made for the most delicate of complexions. This potent mask diminishes impurities while detoxifying and so...(more)

    $47.00 More Details
  • YonKa Masque 103

    YonKa Masque 103
    Yonka Masque 103 for Normal to Oily Skin thoroughly cleanses and detoxifies skin for a flawless complexion. This potent mask helps diminish oil and bacteria tow...(more)

    $47.00 More Details
  • Yonka Guarana Scrub

    Yonka Guarana Scrub
    Awaken dull skin complexion with Yonka's Guarana Scrub. This triple threat exfoliator uses guarana and organic brown rice to rub off dull and lifeless skin cell...(more)

    $48.00 More Details
  • YonKa Sun Cream SPF 25

    YonKa Sun Cream SPF 25
    Yonka Sun Cream SPF 25 shields skin against UVA, UVB and IR rays while working to prolong skin hydration. This formula not only protects the epidermis, but also...(more)

    $49.00 More Details
  • YonKa Phyto-Gel Exfoliant

    YonKa Phyto-Gel Exfoliant
    Yonka Phyto Gel Exfoliant is a scrubbing shower gel that transforms into a foamy consistency, leaving skin feeling heavenly pampered into a soft, smooth finish....(more)

    $50.00 More Details
  • YonKa Lait Auto Bronzant

    YonKa Lait Auto Bronzant
    YonKa Auto Bronzant for the face and body offers a safe, beautiful glow without the harmful effects of the sun. Achieve that golden, summer hue while keeping sk...(more)

    $50.00 More Details
  • YonKa Alpha-Contour

    YonKa Alpha-Contour
    YonKa Alpha Contour is a gentle gel that provides ultimate protection against the aging process. As it melts into the skin, moisture is replenished leaving skin...(more)

    $53.00 More Details
  • YonKa Phyto-Bain

    YonKa Phyto-Bain
    Yonka Phyto Bain relaxes the body and its senses with its concoction of rich aromas and plant extracts. This bath concentrate allows the body to feel revitalize...(more)

    $53.00 More Details
  • Yonka Creme PS

    Yonka Creme PS
    Yonka Cream PS is both light and nourishing with a vitamin-rich formula that leaves dry skin feeling amazingly soft, soothed, and velvety smooth. This luxurious...(more)

    $54.00 More Details
  • YonKa Creme PG

    YonKa Creme PG
    YonKa Creme PG clarifies the skin and controls oil production for a smooth, long-lasting matte finish. Formulated to balance skin secretions and tighten pores, ...(more)

    $54.00 More Details
  • YonKa Creme 93

    YonKa Creme 93
    YonKa Creme 93 is formulated to balance combination skin. Ideal for controlling oily areas, skin is purified for a velvety smooth finish. Stressed out skin is n...(more)

    $54.00 More Details
  • YonKa Creme 83

    YonKa Creme 83
    YonKa Creme 83 Protective Environmental Cream is designed to soothe and comfort delicate, sensitive skin. Helps the skin repair itself, while providing intense ...(more)

    $54.00 More Details
  • YonKa Creme 28

    YonKa Creme 28
    YonKa Creme 28 works to restore hydration to dry, weather damaged skin. This vitamin rich formula protects the skin and provides a barrier against moisture loss...(more)

    $54.00 More Details
  • YonKa Nutri-Contour

    YonKa Nutri-Contour
    YonKa Nutri Contour pampers the delicate eye and lip areas with an emollient, moisturizing cream designed to delay the signs of aging. Expression lines vanish a...(more)

    $55.00 More Details
  • YonKa Juvenil

    YonKa Juvenil
    YonKa Juvenil is a highly effective acne remedy providing comfort to irritated, inflamed skin. Ideal for oily, acne-prone skin, this solution will calm the comp...(more)

    $55.00 More Details
  • YonKa Nutri-Creme

    YonKa Nutri-Creme
    Yonka Nutri Creme is enriched with vitamins to moisturize skin while preventing the effects of premature aging. This cream is made to shield skin from harmful e...(more)

    $55.00 More Details
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