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Cosmetics News:

WATCH: Animal testing bans around the world in 2019

Animal testing bans for cosmetics are in place in a large number of countries and regional states, but some are still delaying in introducing these. We take a look and consider how far there is left to go with animal testing alternatives too. Watch in this Editors Spotlight....

Kao launches sustainable packaging with hair care brand Guhl

In a sign that the Japanese beauty giant is keen to push forward its presence in Europe, Kaos hair care brand in the region, Guhl, is tapping into rising demand for sustainable products....

Market insights: The new beauty routines shaping 2019

We caught up with Emmanuelle Bassmann, founder of In-Trends, to hear how consumer beauty routines are evolving in 2019, and how brands can keep up....

Packaging: Cosmopack 2019 award winners revealed

Packaging has never been a more crucial element of beauty and personal care: the recent Cosmoprof trade show dedicated several features to the packaging industry. Here, we shine a spotlight on the winners of the Cosmopack Awards....

Beauty: Cosmoprof 2019 award winners announced

The winners of this years Cosmoprof Awards have been announced, with leading companies within the perfumery, cosmetics, hair, nail, beauty salon segments of the beauty market picked out as winners. We shine a spotlight on them....

What does soil health have to do with the Cosmetics Industry?

A huge body of scientific evidence makes it hard to deny that pollution from the agricultural industry has contributed significantly to global climate change, but what might perplex some is how this is connected to the cosmetics and personal care industry....

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  • GlamGlow Thirsty Cleanse

    GlamGlow Thirsty Cleanse
    NEW! Glamglow introduces THIRSTYCLEANSE+GP- is a revolutionary daily hydrating cleanser that combines the power of mud and the performance of foam for a new ...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • GlamGlow Youth Cleanse

    GlamGlow Youth Cleanse
    NEW! Glamglow introduces YOUTHCLEANSE+GP- is a revolutionary Mud to Foam daily exfoliating cleanser that transforms from mud into a foaming lather to gently ...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • GlamGlow Power Cleanse

    GlamGlow Power Cleanse
    GlamGlow Power Cleanse is a revolutionary oil to foam cleanser sinks in deep into the pores to remove even the toughest of dirt and make-up. This easy to use on...(more)

    $29.00 More Details