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Digital makeup application: where is it heading?

With the increasing industry emphasis on the sensory aspects of products, applicator items have never been more in the spotlight....

Lush launch puts focus on its record label for Christmas

Lush, international beauty play known for the heady scents of its unpackaged products, has announced the launch of a vinyl to be sold alongside its soaps in the holiday period....

9 top insights into global beauty playersí strengths and weaknesses from Euromonitor

Euromonitor has released a white paper called ‚Key Strengths and Weaknesses of Top Global Beauty and Personal Care Companies‚. We take a look at the top insights....

Beauty industry trends to look out for in 2018

The Cosmetics Design team has compiled a list of the top trends to look out for in each of the three regions we cover - Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Be sure to watch this video so you can clue into what to expect in 2018 and stay one step ahead of your competitors....

Plant stem cells and anti-pollution: a future direction for trend?

A new product launch claiming that its plant stem cell ingredient offers anti-pollution protection suggests moving into biotech could be a direction for the anti-pollution trend....

Male grooming spotlight: Nivea Men and Real Madrid announce global partnership

In a move that confirms male grooming is now a segment seeing worldwide relevance, Nivea Men has teamed up with Real Madrid football club for a global partnership set to reach 70 countries....

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  • AHAVA Eye Makeup Remover

    AHAVA Eye Makeup Remover
    AHAVA Eye Makeup Remover is a gentle cleanser with nourishing properties of the dead sea formulated to leave eyes feeling soft, conditioned and clean. AHAVA's e...(more)

    $19.50 More Details
  • AHAVA Mineral Shower Gel

    AHAVA Mineral Shower Gel
    AHAVA Mineral Shower Gel has been designed with hydrating properties extracting mild plant extracts and dead sea extracts to cleanse the as well as moisturize y...(more)

    $20.00 More Details
  • AHAVA 5-Piece Starter Kit

    AHAVA 5-Piece Starter Kit
    AHAVA Starter Kit contains amazing products that have been formulated with dead sea minerals to restore and hydrate skin. Using these kit's products you will se...(more)

    $20.00 More Details
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