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18 Perfect Spring Dresses You're Going to Want Before They Sell Out

Urban Outfitters just dropped tons of new dresses for Spring, and its no surprise we have the urge to buy them all. From floral print maxis to animal print minis, this latest collection is everything we could ever dream of. To save you time, we curated a list of the 18 best picks, so all you have to do is shop. Plus, the prices are so affordable, maybe you can get two. Keep scrolling to find your match before sizes start selling out. Related: ...

It's Time to Find a Bikini Bottom That Actually Flatters Your Booty

Swimwear shopping can be . . . an experience and a half, but one suit dilemma you can check off as solved Finding bottoms that will make your butt look great. Whether your goal is to show off that asset, keep it under wraps, or add a bit of volume, weve already done some searching for you, discovering options that will make you feel confident, sexy, and ready for fun in the sun. Check out our tips ahead and add the styles you love to your cart. Not worried about your booty but would like a tummy...

Last Season, You Couldn't Pay Me to Wear These Sandals - Now I Can't Pick a Favorite

I love being outside, but I refused to wear sporty sandals because, frankly, I thought they were ugly. But its 2019, and Im allowed to change my mind, especially when designers are coming out with shoes that are both comfortable and cool. Yes, theyre chunky, but they add something decidedly fashion-forward to any look. Plus, its impossible to ignore how kind they are to your feet. If youve been eyeing the trend, these 12 impossibly chic pairs will convince you to take the plunge. Related:...

Priyanka Chopra's Belted Black Bikini Is Far Superior to an Average Two-Piece Swimsuit

While some of us are pulling our jackets a little tighter, others - including Priyanka Chopra - are basking in the hot Miami sun in a really cute bikini. Newlyweds Priyanka and Nick Jonas spent Monday on a boat with the Jonas brothers and Sophie Turner, and were officially ready for a jet-ski-filled day just like theirs. Priyanka opted for a black two-piece swimsuit, but it was a step or two above your average string bikini. The high-waisted bottoms had a chic belted detail, and the top had the ...

23 Perfect Travel Outfits From Girls Who Are Always on the Go

How do you select an ensemble thatll be comfortable enough to travel in, but chic enough to keep you from feeling sluggish You surely wouldnt enjoy sitting tight in a dress, and your track pants and oversize sweatshirt might as well be pajamas. Lucky for you - and for me - the fashion bloggers below have struck the perfect balance between cozy and cool. Their effortless travel looks are more than inspiration for an off-duty day - theyre a surefire way to pull off your next trip in style. Re...

Ready to Shop? These 10 Work Tops Are Cute, Classy, and All Under $40

Shopping for work clothes can sometimes feel daunting, but were going to make it much easier on you. We rounded up our favorite office-appropriate tops that are less than $40. These picks are stylish, comfortable, and affordable - theres not much more to ask for. Take a look at these cute designs and treat yourself to a few new options. Related: 25 Work Flats So Cute and Comfy, Wearing ...

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