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The BoF Podcast: John Ridding and David Pemsel on Reinventing Old Media for a New Media World

The news media business is in crisis, but the chief executives of the Financial Times and Guardian say their models prove people value quality journalism in a world of fake news and political polarisation....

Shattered Glass and Smoking Ruins on Paris' Champs Elysées

The 18th consecutive Saturday of Yellow Vest protests targeted the Parisian avenue smashing banks, ransacking restaurants, burning newspaper kiosks and looting retail stores including Dior, Longchamp, Zara and Levis....

Getting My Job in Fashion: Banana Republic

In a new series, BoF uncovers the real stories behind securing a job in fashion today. This week, BoF meets Elizabeth Whitehouse, who moved from London to San Francisco to become the menswear tailoring and outerwear designer at the Gap Inc-owned company....

Are You Ready for Leadership?

Aspiring leaders should focus on finding mentors to learn from while showcasing the skills employers expect from senior managers, says Musa Tariq....

Careers Counsel | How to Ask for a Raise

Careers Counsel is a weekly roundup of the most helpful and inspiring advice for boosting your career. ...

Announcing Dundas Worldwide, Bottletop and Baum und Pferdgarten

Check out this week’s new partners and openings on BoF Careers, the global marketplace for fashion talent. ...

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  • Eton Brown Leather Belt

    Eton Brown Leather Belt
    Hardware: Silvertone metalEton Brown Leather Belt crafted from natural smooth calfskin is a refined accessory with a comfortable fit perfect for any sophisticat...(more)

    $290.00 More Details
  • Eton Tan Leather Belt

    Eton Tan Leather Belt
    Hardware: Silvertone metalEton Tan Leather Belt crafted from natural smooth calfskin is a refined accessory with a comfortable fit perfect for any sophisticated...(more)

    $290.00 More Details
  • Monterey Brown Suede Belt

    Monterey Brown Suede Belt
    Hardware: Silvertone metalMonterey Brown Suede Belt has a refined and sophisticated look with a comfortable fit and features a single silver tone loop hole find...(more)

    $290.00 More Details
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