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Is plant-based protein the next wellness influence on beauty?

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Women in packaging event: ‘Better living through innovation and sustainability’

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Univar’s new cosmetics and personal care website goes live

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Croda opens marine biotech center in Canada

The specialty chemical maker is looking to the marine environment and biotechnology as a sustainable alternative to conventional personal care ingredient manufacturing. And having acquired Prince Edward Island â based Nautilus Biosciences at the start of the year, Croda worked swiftly to establish the new Center of Innovation in Marine Biotechnology and get to work identifying new functional ingredients....

SKU-114 Avene Cold Cream Ultra Rich Cleansing Bar from Beautified You  sku

Avene Cold Cream Ultra Rich Cleansing Bar - 114 by Avene

Item description: This Cosmetics Avene product is by Avene - Avene Cold Cream Emollient Soap-Free Cleansing Bar is a moisturizing bar designed for dry or very dry skin that's been overly-stressed by other cleansing products. The cleansing bar contains a non-stripping solution formulated to maintain the skin's natural pH balance. Benefits: Creamy and moisturizing formula created to soften and nourish dry skin Leaves behind a gentle and protective layer to retain moisture and soften skin Great for infants and children as well as adults Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and hypoallergenic [ 3.52 oz / 100g ]... Learn More

Manufacturer: Avene

Keywords: Avene Cold Cream Ultra Rich Cleansing Bar

Category: Avene


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