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The Ultimate Guide to the Barbiecore Aesthetic: Its Origin, History & Essential Style Tips!

Pink isnt just a color, it is an attitude, outlook and a rebellion all in one. Hyper-femininity & The History of Pink Pink has long been associated as a color as delicate, dainty and feline. Traits such as being sensitive, kind-hearted, shy and gentle are all behaviors which are considered as feminine, which is exaggerated […]...

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3 Holiday Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Like

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts for your friends and family members. Choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones is always challenging. However, you might find that picking out a gift for your boyfriend becomes one of your more difficult holiday decisions. First of all, you probably […]...

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How to Wear Leg Warmers: 30 Chic & Stylish Outfit Ideas

Leg warmers are a handy, fashion accessory that keep your legs warm and add plenty of interesting style to your outfits. They were originally used by athletes and ballet dancers to keep their muscles warm in cold conditions. But in the 80s they became a must-have gym accessory and street fashion. Leg warmers had been […]...

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How to Style the Infamous Tulle Skirt Effortlessly!

With New York Fashion Week bringing the trend of accordion and sheer fabric skirts, the uber-feminine tulle design is bound to make a comeback in the upcoming seasons. Here is a little more to know about tulle skirts, and how you can style any of these effortlessly, even with all its bounce and sway as […]...

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3 Important Reasons to Always Wear Great-looking Clothes

How often have you felt you don’t want to get up from bed and start the morning routine before going to work It all sounds too formal to pick clothes, iron, and dress, and you’d rather go in your pajamas to work. It’s a great idea to go to work in pajamas, isn’t it They […]...

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How to Rock the New Cool Mom Hair Trend

via When a certain haircut is described as “mom hair”, that usually doesn’t say much for the trendiness of that particular style. While there are plenty of fashionable moms out there, the stereotype of mom hair as frumpy, outdated, and out of touch with current trends definitely still exists. However, haircuts that have traditionally been […]...

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How to Get a Bad Haircut/Color Corrected Without Feeling Awkward - Yes, It Can Be Done!

Expert advice for a win-win outcome!...

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