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How to Look Stunning at a Party - The Keys are Here!

Tips on How to Look Beautiful in Party Naturally There are a number of components that all need to come together to make you look stunning at a party. And a good place to start is to take account of all the good points that combine to make you an individual, and then enhance them […]...

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How To Wear Power Pearls Like Kamala Harris

People around the world usually find inspiration in their role models. These role models could be politicians, influencers, athletes, or even fashion icons. For someone like Kamala Harris, she is a politician, and fashion icon, a rare and stunning combination. Kamalas wardrobe has featured pearls for over 35 years. For some years, some people considered […]...

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Back Into The Office: 5 Fashion Essentials For Returning To Work In Style

As we head closer towards a post-pandemic working world, its natural to feel the butterflies returning as returning to the office slowly creeps upon us. With nearly 80% of professional occupations turning to WFH in 2020, its nearly time to forget the fluffy slippers and the pyjama bottoms youve been hiding on zoom, to head […]...

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How to Wear Joggers (Women's Style Guide): 25 Jogger Pants Outfit ideas

How to Wear Joggers in Slim-Cut Trendy New Outfits The original joggers were pants made of sweat-pant cotton fabric, which were loose-fitting and taper in at the calf and ankles. They were designed to be comfortable when you went jogging, to keep you warm and to absorb sweat to keep you dry. And they have […]...

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Organic Ingredients in Skincare: Does it Actually Make a Difference?

Organic and all-natural skincare have been big industry buzzwords in the last few years, but do they actually make a difference to the quality, effectiveness, and health of your products If youre wondering about whether organic ingredients matter for your skincare and makeup routines, we have the answers. Read our guide to discover what your […]...

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The Pros and Cons of Baby Girl Rings

Baby rings can be a lovely and precious gift for your child. The selection is vast as you ponder around what will make a perfect style and at the same time make an ideal keepsake for your baby girl. You may get confused about what to buy for your baby girl as there is so […]...

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3 Things You Should Know Before You Get a Perm

Deciding whether or not to get a perm is a decision that warrants a lot of thought. As their name suggests, perms arepermanent. You can’t wash them out or fix them. If you don’t weigh your options carefully or prep your hair thoroughly before your perm, you won’t get the results you want and you’ll […]...

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