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Is Vintage The New Modern? 5 Vintage Styles That Have Gone Viral In The 21st Century

From 90s throwbacks to 70s flares, its time to address the fashion question we have all been asking ourselves. Is vintage the new modern From TikTok trends to celebrities rocking vintage looks, its as if we have been thrown back in time, deep into a fashion portal of colour, retro pattern and oversized jumpers. As […]...

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How to Wear Barrettes, 10 Easy Ways to Style Barrettes

Q: What are Barrettes A: Barrettes refer to bar-shaped hair accessories, including a wide variety of hair clips and hair pins. While they are most-often used to hold your hair back or keep it in place in a certain style, barrettes are also useful as decorative accessories. Typically, they serve both a functional and ornamental […]...

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40 Stunning Manicure Ideas for Short Nails 2021 - Short Gel Nail Arts

Keeping up with your nails can be a lot of work. It pays off knowing you have snap worthy fingers to show off. While manicures can be costly and time consuming, they are a great way to kick back and relax. Dragging your friends with you to the nail salon is a fun way to […]...

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8 Best Bras for Yoga and Why They Matter to Your Health

Yoga is all about relaxation, so its important that the clothing you wear is comfy, cool and supportive. Lots of us think we can just use a normal bra, or our all-purpose sports bra and that will be fine. However, if you try a bra specially made for yoga, youll soon realize theres a big […]...

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Amazing Items You Can Add to Your Jewelry Collection

From necklaces to watches, there are a few timeless jewelry items that every jewelry box should contain. These things help create a unique fashion sense and make it easy to get ready when going out. Below is a list of jewelry items every woman must add to their collection. Photo by KYLE CUT MEDIA from […]...

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The 7 Best Foundations for Oily Skin

Wearing foundation all day long may not be the most comfortable thing in the world, especially if you have naturally oily skin. In just a few hours, you could go from fresh and smooth skin to a greasy, cakey mess because of your oiliness. The trick to keeping your oily skin looking great is using […]...

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How to Get the Smoothest Legs this Summer

Summer is here and that means you’ll be going to the beach, wearing shorts and dresses, and showing off your beautiful skin. Speaking of skin, it’s the most important thing you need to think about during the hot season. Making it UVA ray resistant, clean, and soft should be your top priority starting with your […]...

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